Brimfield Flea Market

The Brimfield Flea Markets have been drawing antique dealers, collectors, and artisans for over 50 years.  Visit their website to learn more!

designer of custom furnishings

Richard R. Rocheleau, Old Wood Farm Table


Founded: 2010

Owner: Rich Rocheleau


Areas of expertise:  Custom furnishings, made with new and reclaimed materials 

Company Profile

For the past four years I have been selling my wares at the Brimfield Flea Market.  Each May, July, and September I set up my tent and display my goods for all to see.  Whether you are looking for one of my ready made pieces, are interested in ordering a custom, or want to browse the other items I have available please take the time to visit me!

Plan on visiting the Brimfield Flea Market for the next show? Want to find me and other great vendors?  Check out the Flea Finder app!  It was developed specifically for the Brimfield Market and is updated for each show.  Download the app or find it on Facebook!

Unique pieces made from reclaimed and refurbished materials. 


Rather than purchasing fresh lumber I obtain my materials through alternative means.  Some of my lumber is from old buildings that were being remodeled or torn down.  The lumber from these buildings is often more than 100 years old, and some has been as much as 225 years old.  Another option I have is fresh milled lumber from trees cut down due to storm or insect damage.

At heart I'm a farmer, and reusing available materials is a way of life for farmers.  Why go out and buy something new when you can give the things are you a new life?

My Mission and Vision